Sunday, November 15, 2009

SACCODE-Trust Projects on the Drawing Board

Malawi is one of the poorest countries of the world with an average life expectancy of 37 years and is at the center of the African HIV/AIDS pandemic. SACCODE-Trust intends to develop and refine its delivery of aid in the challenging country of Malawi and then apply those techniques to other regions in Sub-Saharan Africa.

SACCODE-Trust will initiate the set-up and support the growth of sustainable community-based projects and enterprises in Malawi. Grant funding and revenues from supported projects will be combined and used for the long term benefit of targeted local communities and their vulnerable people. This will result in direct support and funding of 1) humanitarian relief and 2) creation of jobs with livable wages for members of the rural communities.

Project Overview

SACCODE-Trust will use grant funding to 1) establish the NGO as a viable management entity and 2) initiate the trial projects in Malawi. The NGO is in the process of assessing 4 projects for implementation:

- Chicken and Egg Enterprise

- Dental Clinic

- Eco-tourism

- Child & Community Relief Services

The Chicken and Egg Enterprise (CEE) project will provide a source of income, jobs and food for the community. SACCODE TRUST is planning a viable chicken meat and egg production project in possibly three different rural community areas of MALIYA, MANG”OMBA and CHOMA. Using the grant funding, SACCODE-Trust will be able to produce mature live chickens plus eggs for the benefit of the community. Chicken meat may be the first product followed by egg production. These products can also be sold to neighboring cities to include Blantyre and Lilongwe.

The SACCODE Dental project will offer free dental hygiene services to Malawi’s poor and other community members who cannot afford dental services. The Dental Clinic project will address the needs of the rural communities by establishing a mobile dental clinic. Revenue is intended to be generated from a (stationary) clinic in a populated area that has paying customers. The candidate cities for setting up this clinic are Mzuzu, Blantyre or Lilongwe. The resulting revenues combined with grant funding will be used to provide free dental services to rural residents and hygiene training for community member employed by SACCODE-Trust. The stationary clinic will be SACCODE-Trust’s health office where all health personnel and activities planning will be performed. This location is where initial training of local staff by licensed professionals will occur.

The Eco-tourism project is both a revenue generator for the visited communities (community members providing lodging, local adventures, entertainment, art classes and other services) and an awareness/fund-raising tool to expose to the West the real concerns and problems of the people in rural African communities. SACCODE-Trust plans to offer culture/adventure travel packages trips to Malawi tailored to a specific professional group. The socially-minded portion of the trip's itinerary will be geared towards the group's interests and specific skill-set. These activities are then coupled with adventure-based excursions where the wildlife and the culture of different regions within Malawi are explored. The package is designed to appeal to people who have the means to make a difference, and who will promote future economic development projects in the rural communities of Sub-Sahara..

Providing Child & Community Relief Services is the objective of all SACCODE-Trust projects. Two separate community child care centers are currently being assessed to receive grant funding.

MALIYA COMMUNITY AREA –The first effort will be to complete the renovation of Maliya Children’s Day Care Center. Maliya is a bush, rural community area situated in the outskirt of Blantyre City in the traditional authority of Chief Kuntaja where most people earn their living by growing maize. There have been efforts in the past to erect another building for the day care center. These efforts have been hammered by the Maliya community’s mismanagement of funds and other resources.

MANG’OMBA COMMUNITY AREA – Mang’omba is another needy rural community area in the outskirts of Blantyre city in Malawi. In the community there is an already established orphan day care center within its community.. The child care center is not well managed in that the children do not have enough nutritive food, clothing as well as required educational materials such as student texts and toys.

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